Open Mind Conference NL 2016

Saturday 21 May 2016, 18:00:00 [Europe/Berlin]

Centrum de Zonnewijzer

Linnaeuslaan 2 b, Aalsmeer

Starts:Saturday 21 May 2016, 18:00:00 [Europe/Berlin]
Ends:Sunday 22 May 2016, 19:00:00 [Europe/Berlin]
Open Mind Conference NL is very happy to announce the fact that on the 21st and 22nd of May 2016 Open Mind Conference NL will again be organizing another amazing event. OMC NL will host the weekend event together with KnowledgeMatters (
On Saturday the 21st of May there will be an Open Mind Conference NL in Centrum de Zonnewijzer in Aalsmeer, hosted by OMC NL. On Sunday the 22nd of May there will be a follow up event in Amsterdam hosted by the inspirational young group; KnowledgeMatters. On Sunday the speakers at OMC NL will also attend in the follow up event in Amsterdam. As usual the speakers line up is impressive, and they will give presentations and/or workshops on various, and again controversial topics. Due to the unstoppable exponentially awakening in society there is an increasing need for opportunities to share information without any constraint. The set up will be slightly different compared to the last conferences, as there will be a more ”interactive” set up as it is time for more direct action:-). Details and exact schedule will follow soon on the website and the FB page. (website: will be up soon) The following speakers will give a lecture and/or workshop and there is plenty of time and opportunity to interact during the 3rd weekend in May: Zen Gardner, Ian Rowland Crane, Louise Sutton, Max Igan, Ole Dammegard and Mark Devlin. Please share and don't miss this unique event!! Entrance on donation basis but please sent an email with number of visitors to [email protected] for accurate planning
Arts and culture

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