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The Conscious Media Coalition (CMC), an alliance working under the umbrella of the Global Unity Project (GUP), aims to unify positive, solution based media, raising the bar for journalistic standards within our industry and sharing a message which enriches the lives of those viewing it. CMC and GUP share the same underlying goal of rebalancing the power structure to one that serves humanity in its entirety.

We plan to do this by uniting media organisations which share the CMC values and are willing to work in unity to provide truthful information and share ideas that can empower the planet. There will be guidelines and high standards of journalism required to join CMC ensuring all content produced is based in truth. We will be happy to work with organisations to help them meet these standards. These standards will not affect freedom of speech and/or prevent opinions being expressed, but will require those stating information as factual to have the facts backed up by reputable and verifiable sources.

CMC will be donation based and, as such, free from any financially influenced agendas. So all information will be shared independently.

Some of the subjects will include (but not be limited to)

Sustainable Energy
Passion Based Education
Peaceful Activism
Positive Music
Sustainable/Ethical Products
Health (Mind, Body and Soul)
Ethical Currency
Localised Economy
Beneficial Technology    

Incorporating Coeō (the “GeoSocial Network for Conscious ChangeMakers”), CMC is also providing a new social networking platform which not only provides an uncensored space for collaboration but also incorporates unique tools to connect you with like-minded people in your area and form grassroots local action groups. The CMC website will integrate all content from the different media sources and have access to this all in one place.

The Coalition currently has an estimated combined reach of 40,000,000 views per month, which will rise as more organisations join. We plan to use the combined influence of our network and our high standards of journalism to connect with Facebook and call for measures to be taken to protect our network from Facebook’s algorithms. We believe the entire independent media is currently under threat due to the “fake news” label which the corporate media is giving to many conscious news outlets.

CMC will responsibly work on global issues in an effort to positively impact the planet by focusing on solution based news and liaising with other organisations within the GUP network to inform and spread awareness of potential ideas that could help this planet evolve in a positive direction.

People are heavily influenced by their surroundings and consumption; media falls within both of those brackets. If we as media can change the current narrative (which is fear based) to one of love, then I believe collectively we can create a better world for future generations.

Conscious Media Coalition
Responsible, Love Based Journalism


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