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On August 15, 2015 there will be a planetary alignment [...]

Denmark, Western Australia
via The Full Circle Project

On August 15, 2015 there will be a planetary alignment (The Planetary alignment is Earth, the earths moon, Venus and the Sun, all aligned in a straight line) allowing even more intense Divine energies to inundate Earth.

At the same time the Powers-That-Be plan to activate the Cern Hadron Collider in Switzerland to prevent this. Cosmic Awareness revealed today, August 10, exactly what our attitude and actions could/should be regarding this event.

Go here:…

Further explanation of the Hadron Collider in this Youtube presentation by Anthony Patch:…

much love

Great that You've moved this toppic! There is more: Venus - Planet of Love (which is also Persephone and Evening Star) has leaved the visable sky on August 8th, and goes in her journey into the Underworld Realm, to be appeared 2 weaks later as the Morning Star. And You don't have to guess on what day she will be at half of Her way - 15th August. It's more than just coincidence, that just exactly on the day when the Light of Love will by farthest from Gaia, they're planning to set up the CERN event. This night I've recieved a clear message from my higher self, that Kind and Loving Spirits need to make a clear intension for helping Love to prevail on the Energy structure of this Planet. Everybody who reads this: Meditate on this cause and/or do some other form of usefull Magic. Especially on the 14th Sundown, and then get a restorative sleep for the effect to fully take place. Namaste
Tuesday 11 August 2015, 17:46:20
Got goose bumps as I read this. I can't access the 'read more' for some reason, but will be putting myself in receptive state on that day and send loving energies out as well. Thanks for the heads up!
Wednesday 12 August 2015, 12:44:30
And by the way, there will be a new Moon on 14th August - so it's perfect time for planting seed that will benefits as all (A Soul). Love will prevail ;)
Wednesday 12 August 2015, 14:20:57
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