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pdf docs of FCP flyers and/or business cards would be [...]

Plymouth, Plymouth
via The Full Circle Project
pdf docs of FCP flyers and/or business cards would be useful - we could print them off ourselves and distribute them in our local areas. It'd be a nice alternative to a Maccy Ds discount voucher! Real world engagement.
I'm crap at making things like that tho, i just tried!
Friday 14 August 2015, 09:19:15
Your're right Ed and we have some designs that should be good to go in about a week, but if anyone would like to submit other ideas for desging, just send to [email protected]
Friday 14 August 2015, 10:13:14
or even designs!! slippery keys!!
Friday 14 August 2015, 10:13:42
[deleted user]
i have to admit :-/ im not always impressed when i am stopped in the street and encouraged to go to mcd's, its great to make dvds print outs and leave them all over.... doctors surgery's, department stores, taxi's, schools, universities especially, we can start an initiative to
re programming Society ourselves with relevant info, doctors surgeries for big pharma info, supermarkets for gmo info and so on..
Friday 14 August 2015, 10:28:39
flyers are a grand idea
Friday 14 August 2015, 12:21:30
Hey this is a great idea! if anyone would help with developing the copy/words I would volunteer to turn it into the design files we'd need (hubby is a fab graphic desigher) for printing
Saturday 15 August 2015, 06:30:50
Great- that's the style! We have some basic flyer designs and more in the pipeline with hi-res logo etc. Aside from these, which Mat is working on, anyone anywhere can design their own flyer with unique flavour; when we have the facility fully functioning just upload to the Resource section for others to use or by which to be inspired. Keep it coming people!
Saturday 15 August 2015, 11:49:47
When designing your own flyer /poster etc it's probably a good idea to include the FCP green logo somewhere, just to build recognition. I'm sure Mat will provide ;-)
Saturday 15 August 2015, 11:52:01
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