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There are two actions we need to take: First, is [...]

Louisville, Kentucky
via The Full Circle Project
There are two actions we need to take: First, is to just BE love and ourselves 100%. Second, to take ourselves away and OUT of the control grid for good. Right now, each person is doing a little bit at a time, taking our time of labor and money out. All this is doing is causing more taxation and raising of everyone's costs and the labor of those still working in the system. These people still in the system are still working in it because we have no other way. I saw MANY of those who lost their jobs in 2008 onwards moving to where they can live and be self-sustainable, with renewable energy and posting this shit all over the internet. They had the funds from their retirements/ 401ks to get what they could get out while the getting was good to get out and live on their own terms. What about the rest of us working paycheck to paycheck??? I think the best way to GET OUT IS TO DO IT NOW AND AS ONE UNITED! I cannot stress this enough. If there are enough of us on here awake right now, we need to plan our own major event, where we all decide as ONE UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL. THIS is what THEY want- all of us divided. Yes, people are trying to do their own separate individual communities outside of their local systems for now, but is it truly working to the best of everyone's benefit? With the constant struggle of fighting against the tyranny that still prevails. WE NEED TO UNITE and throw ALL fear out the window- out of this world all together. We NEED to plan our own ONE event that will make ALL governments fall across the globe. Doing this, we will not have to live in fear any longer of our sovereign rights taken away AT ALL. There will be no one to demand ANYTHING from us. This ONE event is one of CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE. Stay in your homes, not out in the streets, do not go to work. Do not buy ANYTHING. This is peaceful resistance and the government cannot DO anything if we don't react to their fear. We have to disengage ourselves entirely and they will become so irrate and collapse. If we go out in the streets and rally, they will bring drones and everything they got out to destroy us. Look at what's happening in other countries of war w/ the shrapnel explosions.. this will be worldwide, simultaneously. Those who go out and rally will be detained indefinitely if not killed. Of course, they may do this until they get no reactions. Although, they don't want the blame for the collapse at all so they may not do anything UNLESS we give them a reaction (where they are waiting to instate martial law). The government elites and the other 1%ers will already be in their bunkers. We just have to go seal em in before the UN troops gather (if there are such numbers as they are claiming, all over the world and especially in the U.S.). Why are there even maps of these bunkers all over the internet for everyone to see? That's another thing I don't get, wouldn't they not want anyone knowing their locations since they are afraid of us? Maybe this is a trap for detaining those who go for these bunkers to seal them? I don't know, but I'm sick of sitting here, working my arse off every work day for 10 hrs doing slave labor in a warehouse for one of the mega corporations trying to take over the entire world commerce. Why do we have to wait for them to collapse when WE THE PEOPLE can MAKE it happen anytime we choose?
i agree with what you say here Kya but its the question what do we do. We could mass strike but that wont work as many sleepers wont get on board. we could bycott supermarkets but some people dont have any other way to buy food. I am doing my bit as i work with children i dont want to give my job up, i like the work i do but i have dropped my income so i dont opay tax. and yes i find things a little harder but i wont give the 1% any more of my money than i have to. I know this isnt going to change the world but i think we need people to post what they have done or are doing and if everyone takes a little from each post it may be helpful. i have solar panels and try not to overuse my gas and leccy, not to save money but to pay less into the system. Another thought i have had is to `group` live but in the community where you are now, Pool resources and help each other. i.e if someone istn working get them to help out with looking after kids of those that are. someone else not working could make meals for families who are working. pool your incomes and resouces and see how that works out. I havnt done this yet but its an idea i have been looking at recently.
Tuesday 18 August 2015, 03:30:01
I'm not talking about a massive "strike" as in with picket signs and such, but yes, we need to do this with all of those who are awake on the planet at one time, gathering others together who are awakening. I have bought seeds and other supplies to be ready to leave my house when It's time. As of now, I don't really come into contact with those who are not working. Many have lost their homes all around me, but others are moving in just as fast. Those still working where I am are working the jobs no one else will take, which is backbreaking work- all that's left here. Those who have lost their jobs are lost still, as this is the time when most people begin to awaken, when the government has let them down. I'm not able to get into solar energy because the chemtrails block the sun the majority of the time now. Wind energy would be awesome because the chemtrails also not only hold the heat in from escaping to the outer atmosphere, but also the wind. Of course, I do not have the funds for this nor live in a place yet where I can just do anything to be self-sustainable. I am definitely NOT in a "community" at all but just w/ other people living around me in their own bubbles still believing in the propaganda in hopes the government will somehow "save" them from tyranny of Muslims that "have taken over our jobs" and such. There is gonna be a major race war here in the U.S. very soon and it's not gonna be pretty at all. The propaganda just keeps feeding this jargon and the sheeple just abide along.
Tuesday 18 August 2015, 03:45:27
I also don't think it's wise to purchase ANY property in the U.S. to "bug out" to, as this will be confiscated. As anyone owning land or anything will be on record. I have done much research on where to head to, in the safest spots in the U.S., in which there are very few. Where to grow food and prosper, building our own homes from the earth (there are plenty of workshops across the U.S. right now in doing this as well). These are much more self-sufficient in not needing much energy at all.
Tuesday 18 August 2015, 03:50:11
It is very good you do get to work with children, as that is what I've wanted to do but the system is extremely messed up in how they go about it w/ vaccines and such, using these children as guinea pigs. The teens today are however, the most awake souls on the planet. They can find no jobs when coming out of high school and see how bad the world is no matter what their parents may tell them. You see this all over YouTube w/ MANY starting their own online communities in sharing whatever they wish- art, music, everyday stuff, etc.
Tuesday 18 August 2015, 03:54:37
I think it's hard for people outside the US to imagine how bad things are over there. We in the UK only have mental images of what I suppose the msn want us to think what it's like . I don't watch tv hardly but until I began researching gmo and getting into other stuff and truly awakening , I didn't think America was as it is now. People in other countries done realise and they also don't believe it's coming to them too. I'm hoping we can come up with some plans and ideas here.
Tuesday 18 August 2015, 04:10:28
I wanted to work with Autistic children (not knowing then the plan to make ALL children autistic). After earning my degree and trying to get a job, I realized then the system was fixed. They only wanted people they "could train" a.k.a. manipulate and mind control to bend at their will. Mandated vaccines are enstated now in California for ALL those working with children. Children have been given mandatory vaccines for a LONG time and it's only become more and more, earlier and earlier in age- now at birth even. We can no longer have any children in the U.S. in hospitals or have them in the system in ANY way. The U.S. government is pushing for mandatory vaccines for all to keep us dumbed down, unable to awaken. Those of us awaking in the U.S. see ALL and everything that has occurred throughout history, as we've lived it. The thing with how people have been mind controlled in the U.S. is soooo unbelievable and incomprehensible & they've been doing this since the 1930s. This is where the poisoning of all citizens began. Monsanto was the start of this! We are just now seeing Monsanto out in the open. Monsanto invented Bayer aspirin & aspirin to begin with, along with every single over the counter medicine in ALL pharmacies. People in other countries don't get it because many have been able to keep their cultures and remain sovereign of sorts even with their governments. Everything here is tightly controlled. Native cultures were wiped out with the so-called founding of this country by George Washington. Native cultures were forced off their lands & into reservations, which were taken from them to mine for minerals and gold. This was then used to control the land and obtain land rights. America is FILLED with ALL cultures, many who have Native American ancestors and relatives, such as myself. We grow up in this fiction that we HAVE to go to school to get a good job and work to make a good living til we die. This was never enough for me and not for many as well. As the JOBs are not anything near like what anyone wants to do when they grow up. We find ourselves searching for our geneology of where we originited, who our ancestors were to feel connected to something, anything. My ancestors are of Scotland and Cherokee Indian. My ancestors from Scotland came here after they were forced to leave their land when governments took control of farming there and forced the citizens to sell their crops as exports to other countries. The television is the worst of all, with television shows and movies, which I grew up on as means of escapism (ones I watched were actually really good and I never watched the news)- have now become nothing but "reality shows" where people fight and bicker. People who watch this drama get sucked in and it's all they talk about and they begin to act exactly like the people of these shows towards others. It's madness. The propaganda is all over the television now also, tho more extreme in sexual connotations, keeping people in their lower chakras, keeping them from awakening. It's in the music and everywhere now, & much of this music is all I hear EVERYONE listening to around me. The news is nothing but violence and they only flash images and never finish a thought before moving onto the next. This is to keep people in a state of constant fear and never being able to use any form of constructive thought. Celebrities wear barely anything anymore, no matter what the age and are forced to act in a sexual manner. Many of the people I had the unfortunate experience in my relations after high school, were ALL sociopaths! I couldn't believe it. Most people decide not to date or remain single because of this. Most either try and create drama/ attention whores, or try and use others for their benefit or gain.
Tuesday 18 August 2015, 04:48:12
@Kya Thanks for your insightful post! I´m also seeing what you see, but I live in Sweden (which for long was seen as model country). The situation here is beginning to look like yours, with obvious crimes committed against people and nature.
Tuesday 18 August 2015, 08:43:36
@Kya, sorry, I accidentally hit enter again...(can´t someone change that function, so you don´t post what you have written when you hit "enter", but instead have to tick a box with "ok"?) I just wanted to say that I´m sorry for your situation, but I´m glad that many of you are waking up. But I´m wondering if there´s time enough to change anything, everything happens super fast, and all changes are for the worse, sadly. Still, we have to do what we can to make a positive change, both spiritually and practically!
Tuesday 18 August 2015, 08:50:27
Hello Mattias, I believe all this info coming at us from all sources is just to make us more confused and panic to lead us back into a fear state of being. I feel that we have to remain balanced and still travel our own paths as best as we can, on our own terms. I'm moving along slowly but surely in knowing that what I'm doing will make a great impact in the future when it is needed. We have to remain in the here and now and not worry so much about the future yet. I have found much helpful info on and, along with Zen's & Max's websites and Waking Times is also another good one. These are the ONLY sites I travel now for info around the world. On what is happening around the U.S. and elsewhere, all news related, I like to go to but I find myself feeling overwhelmed alot after reading some and so have to go back to one of the previous sites to relax.
Wednesday 19 August 2015, 01:30:19
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