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Assuming this is real, one of, if not the most, [...]

Chatteris, Cambridgeshire
via The Full Circle Project
Assuming this is real, one of, if not the most, empowering moment the internet has ever seen... Currently I am quite cultured in outright defence vs legislative statutory penal attempts at "authority" (usually expressed as an obligation to pay some amount of money) upon my free self... My boycott vs these bullish attempts to extract money from me to date has seen me retain roughly £15-20k through various organisations and further individual supposed transactions/assumed obligations. So in the grand scheme of things I have not run up (rebut) a huge monetary total that is really worthy of a strong legal case carried out against me as I will more than likely not pay anything, so exhausting legal expenditure vs me is not really justified as history has proven to these organisations that that approach will get you absolutely nowhere (perhaps these claimants should combine against me.. mind you I'd still stand victorious in laughter)....this video on the other hand is a step onwards from where I am currently at as the stakes are far higher, here we see bailiffs moving in on behalf of a bank and their first intention is the use a locksmith to break straight through the front door. The total money allegedly owed here is probabaly around 10 times that of the claims against me, and where claims vs me have been spread out, the debt relating to a mortgage is all at once, so with these 2 factors combined you can understand how exhausting some legal expediture in efforts to take the property into the control of the bank is very justified .. Phillpots, looking in your direction, this is where our approaches pooled may be very advantageous... Consider yourself as the first line of defence, legal know how, paper work, questioning, cameras and bodies of support meeting these bailiffs on the front line, preventing access onto the land as best you can while enforcing our teams stance on paper, contact the police of needed.... In the instance you are about to see, this approach works with 100% success, but this is very much a rarity, I no of no other instance where acceptance of the free man position was "noticed" so to speak and subsequently accepted.... but should the polite legal approach not work, which is the case more or less every time, everything I have done to date, a full on testudo formation, that is when the last line of defence skills are truly called upon... Bodies, heavy duty locks and chains, blockades everywhere, security at a maximum, dogs all over the place....... Either approach can work, but combined, each approach offers protection for the other, and two solid lines of defence will always be stronger than one......... and just to add, the guy in this video is very much aided by the fact that he is a massive bloke, bigger than every bailiff attending, and it is not very often you will see that, so while the bullish tactics are on show here, they are not as effective.…
[deleted user]
Yo Freeman when the google hang out thing is sorted and we're on a more secure line why don't you join us and have a session on all this stuff with people like Phillpots, Billy and others? You all have so much knowledge to give and that would be a chance to share it?
Thursday 4 August 2016, 13:57:47
[deleted user]
Happy to share, but from my view point there is not much to know than what people should already be aware of.... know you are born free, understand your responsibilities, live free in that way, stand for no claim on your life, adore everyone as if they are you or your own family, and secure your home.. more people need to be taking a keen interest in security imo, that is where people fall vastly short, they leave their car where it can be taken, anyone can walk right onto their land and up to a single door that grants access into the home, and more often than not doors/windows are just weak.. we all know the 3 pigs, and there is a wolf outside your house, its up to you how secure you choose to be.... i live in a rental at the mo so wont bother changing anything, but the flimsiness of this houses front door literally makes me sick, such a pathetic excuse for a primary line of defence.. I mean it is always double locked with 2 dogs on the other side, but still........ when I build my family home, the gates of Troy will be dwarfed by one mans intent towards solidarity !!!
Thursday 4 August 2016, 14:16:33
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