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actually, the so called "suppression" of "free" or universal background [...]

Brantford, Ontario
via Ubuntu Planet
actually, the so called "suppression" of "free" or universal background energy may be in our better interests. I got in a little "discussion" this afternoon over what to do with waste or off-cuts from building the planters for the farmbot, which were in turn off-cuts (for the most part) from another project. My original goal was less than one percent waste. After building the planters with feet to bring the working height to 30", I revised my goal to less than 0.1%. In the eyes of the person overseeing the project, my waste management was a "waste". Too energy intensive, a waste of time and electricity.

So, can you imagine what would happen if energy was boundless. There would be no need to deal with waste on the one hand, while on the other hand, there would be an infinite capacity to deal with waste, down to the minutest level, a boon to those who like to think about such things. Spotless workshops! What joy, what bliss!

But that leads me to the next thought: what on earth is this energy we are clamouring for? Are we ready for it and would we end up using it all up, or would unintended consequences happen, like the earth slowly loosing speed in its daily rotation? Ouch! If history serves as a teacher, homo sapiens are notorious for taking an idea to the extreme and running roughshod over anything that gets in the way, like the earth (for instance) after the effects of more than a hundred years of the industrial revolution. Can we self regulate ourselves as a species? History shows that we can't. So in that way, paradoxical as it sounds, our enemies are our friends.

Thanks for listening.
Free-Energy works in direct harmony with the will of the people. Only if the collective mind is balanced and is a direct match to the vibratory frequency of the whole for the betterment of everyone, can we truly benefit from the use of free energy globally. Goes back to the Ubuntu philosophy-"if it's not good for everyone, it's not good at all".
Wednesday 24 August 2016, 19:48:42
If we are awake, there is no way we will "waste" the boundless energy that is waiting for us.
Wednesday 24 August 2016, 19:54:16
interesting. thank you.
Wednesday 24 August 2016, 20:01:13
in love and light ... thank you!
Wednesday 24 August 2016, 20:28:50
john w
Interesting thoughts 'cbos' The way I see it, is that we don't need to regulate, we need to each recognise that we are in fact a 'Self Governing' being while being connected in the wholeness of being. This to me is not a spiritual/religous type knowing but the true way that we naturally be. In saying that, every thought, word and action therefore project from this truly aware natural statein full minfulness of the implications of such. Creativity then becomes what to me it is mean't to be, a fun and wholesome heartfelt experience with a true desire to grow and flow in harmony. I don't surf but I can imagine the excitement of a surfer waiting to catch a wave ............ these waves are all unique but from the same ocean and flow back to such. When the surfer decides that this wave is for them to 'catch' they stand and feel the flow of energy it produces and naturally move with it in harmony and enjoy the ride until it finishes then with no thought except that was fun turn try another and so forth. Why? Because they wish to and so therefore can :)

Wednesday 24 August 2016, 20:37:54
given my current understanding, the addition of a small amount of negativity (0.1% - 2%) can aid growth (Shapiro, Shining the Light V & Dolores Cannon). A completely benign life can (or has in the past) lead to stagnation.
Sunday 11 September 2016, 01:22:07
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