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We need to focus; beware of distractions and bullshit to [...]

Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa-ken
via The Full Circle Project
We need to focus; beware of distractions and bullshit to divide our opinions unnecessarily.
We'll never get to the bottom of 911 or JFK assassination in technical terms. Instead of wasting time and energy, find the script which details the events to come decades (even centuries) later. Sadly, I found one. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

This guy has a point by the way…
real talk.. folks gotta concentrate on knowledge of self first and foremost.. for me, half the time someone's awake to some conspiracies doesn't mean squat if they're not living In'Lakesh
Wednesday 24 August 2016, 08:49:44
Awaken, it is said that knowledge is power. However, what good is knowledge if it doesn't lead to common good? Any nerd (Hope not though) can invent an A-bomb. I suppose proper combination of knowledge (left brain) and spirituality (right brain) is essential. And always question the spirit which helps you, for it could be a dark one.
Wednesday 24 August 2016, 09:00:45
Wednesday 24 August 2016, 09:13:05
Also understanding must be part and parcel with much knowledge WITHOUT Understanding/inner standing....creates Con FUSION.....a state of Mental Con Fusion....Also knowing with one's Heart....that's why it is called "Mind Control" and NOT HEART CONTROL in my other words to put it bluntly" We All Need To Wise Up"...hope this makes sense.....: )))
afoofa Darnell Florence
Wednesday 24 August 2016, 12:50:26
Deep down, we know all the answers. As Plato said, philo-(love)-sophia (knowledge) is recalling what we forgot. Did you know he wrote about reincarnation? We heard about his "idea," Allegory of the cave, etc., but Plato talking about past lives? Interesting.
Wednesday 24 August 2016, 13:33:31
well put afoofa- i like the word play.. you too Didgevillage for that matter interesting about Plato indeed, never heard that before! the Akashic records are at our disposal if we dig deep (within) enough..
Wednesday 24 August 2016, 17:31:36
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