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The Notting Hill Carnival: a most pleasing pointer to our [...]

London, Greater London
via Prepare For Change
The Notting Hill Carnival: a most pleasing pointer to our future on the new Gaia.
Today there were probably a million people- most of them Brits with a West Indian background and others whose families have lived here for even centuries - thronging the Notting Hill area.
It was just so obvious that the crowd had let go of and left behind most of the worries and fears associated with their everyday lives. They were enjoying a sense of freedom and often of 'being themselves' that were normally hardly possible.
Here, surely, is proof that when the "masses" feel there's no one going to tell them what they have to do and that they can just be themselves, they will naturally act as the 'loving' human beings they have always had it in themselves to be.
Generalising from this, aren't we on sure ground if we remind ourselves from time to time that at least a large percentage of earth's population is already awake - although, of course, we can all waken up more still.
[deleted user]
Well said, thank you Stef.Lon
Tuesday 30 August 2016, 10:55:59
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