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Is there or should there be a group of us [...]

Bloomfield, New York
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Is there or should there be a group of us that are ready willing and able to relocate to the first small town prepared to begin a conversation of how we are going to implement our plan, what resources and skills we have and how to become good neighbors there without freaking out the residents of that town ?
Michael E. V. Knight
Yes having a small group of people ready willing and able to move could be a big help. i say could because this group of people would need some money saved to get started, or have a job that does not require them to be in 1 place, to pay bills while starting up.

We implement the plan just as we would if we were just a group of business people, wanting to move to 1 town and open some small businesses. This is basically what we are doing, starting co-ops, then expanding them to include most/all of the town members as time goes on.

There is no need to even mention a no money world to people, the no money world will just happen naturally as Michael Tellinger said, once enough people are living this way.

Here is a post i made a while back, where it says Hybrid, just replace with Ubuntu:…

In the beginning members will most likely work more than the 3 hours a week Michael Tellinger talks about, then as more people join the co-op(s) hours needed by each member can be reduced.

If you moved into a small town and i moved to the same small town and we met and said hey we should grow food together and sell it, would we need to have a conversation with the town, no. As we grow the food suppose we tell others hey we are looking for help with the food growing, anyone that helps gets free food, and another person joins our co-op, would we need to have a discussion with the town, no.

Starting an Ubuntu town is this simple.

Sure some people could go talk to Mayors around the country to see if they are interested in Ubuntu, that would help us grow faster having the towns resources available to use to buy/build the things we need.

But if we can't find one, or while looking for one, those that can move could find a small town and without mentioning Ubuntu to anyone, start living the (Hybrid) Ubuntu Lifestyle. This is slightly harder because we will need to use our own resources to develop our co-op businesses.

One idea is all Ubuntu supporters gift just $1 a week to the efforts of the one small town, to help them get up and running. Once that town is able to carry itself we start gifting to the next small town...

Imagine having just 10,000 people sending just $1 a week to one small town, that is $10,000 a week to buy and build whatever they need to make the co-op (Ubuntu) successful. Once this town is up and running we start gifting $1 a week each to the next Ubuntu town Startup.

Doing this could transition us off of money quickly.
Tuesday 4 October 2016, 16:11:57
Vinny O
I like the way you think ! That is why that is exactly what I am doing now. But when we do find a town that has a Mayor and a small percentage of the town on board we will be ready having our resources and talents inventoried. Yes simple language and terms people are acquainted with helps so in stead of RBE, Ubuntu or hybrid until I can describe what I am talking about I us simple terms like Gift economy or contribution and I love the phrase a world FREE of money because eventually it will disapear on its own but until then even shrewd business people can understand and appreciate the sublime simplicity of the plan !
Tuesday 4 October 2016, 17:56:05
You guys are onto something here. I love the idea of just starting projects. You don't have to get into UBUNTU (the political party) and you don't have to get into a description of how fractional reserve fiat money works or how the government works for bankers. Just ask would you like your squash for free?
Tuesday 4 October 2016, 21:51:01
Michael E. V. Knight
Yes i found when talking to people about a no money world, their brains would freeze up. Now i just talk about SHARING and working TOGETHER to save money and get no financial cost products/services, and to even make more money for ourselves by owning co-op businesses where we share in the labor/work.. i also ask people would you like to Work LESS and Have MORE?

i also talk about what a waste of resources (human and planet) it is to compete with each other. If there are 4 hairstylists/barbers in a town each paying $2,000 a month overhead, if they simply worked out of 1 location, they would each save $1,500 a month, this could also give each of them 1 week off each month!

Wednesday 5 October 2016, 00:28:03
Max Nebraska is not incorporated and it seems like a good choice for the "One Small Town" in our new Plan of Action.…
Wednesday 5 October 2016, 20:34:28
Wayne S
Thanks for sharing. That should open a few eyes if people would watch it.
Thursday 6 October 2016, 17:19:28
Michael E. V. Knight
Yes unincorporated towns could be a great place to start, need to find one and find people ready willing and able to move there. Being able includes being able to support themselves and the others financially until the Ubuntu co-ops are making enough money to support the members
Friday 7 October 2016, 05:03:16
we really felt great about Bolton Vt. Hey Vinny!
Saturday 8 October 2016, 18:12:10
Vinny O
Good stuff !we are on our way to an awesome journey !
Sunday 9 October 2016, 16:20:08
Yesss we are. Great moments we had.
Saturday 15 October 2016, 04:11:54
I don't understand why Bolton Valley VT needed half a million dollars. Max NE doesn't need to be purchased from the owner - it is paid for and the residents don't need money. The only reason their lifestyle is not contagious is because they don't have UBUNTU projects to produce free products and sell them outside their communities at a fraction of the normal cost. If that started to happen, the town could have a new "revenue stream" to invest in other projects (just as Michael has suggested).

The question is how could we "move in" to a small town like Max without freaking out all the people who live there? They should feel defensive if we came rolling in to set up shop with talk of changing the world to eliminate money. Perhaps, when Michael Publishes the plan of action we could try it on a town like Max.

I still work. I am nearing retirement age but, I can't just move to Max. I agree with Vinny that we need people who can just move to where the effort will start. How many people in the UBUNTU movement do you think can actually do that? I could go to where the action is but probably only for a couple weeks. It seems like we need a full time staff of contributionists.

Thanks for starting this conversation!
Monday 17 October 2016, 14:03:20
Michael E. V. Knight
Have you read my first response to Vinny above?
Monday 17 October 2016, 21:39:44
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