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Do you think the revolution twords a humanitarian based open [...]

Bellingham, Washington
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Do you think the revolution twords a humanitarian based open source economy backed by resources on a planetary level system is possible?
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Wednesday 12 October 2016, 12:05:47
[deleted user]
This is an example of how that can become reality:…
Wednesday 12 October 2016, 13:22:36
I had this thought for many years now and i have some research about this topic i like to put in practice. I know there are already projects going in this topic. I am contacting some of them for input! Once i have more concise information, i would like to posted so it could grow!
Wednesday 12 October 2016, 14:22:19
[deleted user]
I've got a hunch, that as soon as Agarthan people surface and contact us, they'll be able to show us how that can be done,
showing us the ropes. I'm sure they know, but they might shake their heads for a while, watching our poor attempts
Wednesday 12 October 2016, 14:36:26
[deleted user]
not only the Agarthians Pastinakel:) I was told the plejadians as well (from the angels:))
Wednesday 12 October 2016, 17:29:58
[deleted user]
Oh, ha, as below, so above, hmm?
Wednesday 12 October 2016, 19:22:44
I would love all of these to come to pass now! But since we still waiting, i feel that working in these issues ourselves now will help to bring the event sooner. If anything we are working towards a better Gaia!
Wednesday 12 October 2016, 20:57:03
[deleted user]
Be assured, Heart, some of these initiatives are in existence now.
Apart from the thousands of years, that nomadic tribes and human settlements
lived in this self-sustainable and peaceful way, end of the 19th centurey and in the sixties,
a revival occurred (amidst of the hippy movement) with people walking away from the rat-race,
creating their own homes and ways of life. Read the book "Walden" and other articles, by Thoreau,
it's excellent. There are free PDF downloads of them present online.

Communes in cities and remote locations, restored mountain villages, more or less living off grid,
using water/solar/wind power, water from an existing well or clean river. All experiments, at first.
Some of the present thriving communities are Damanhur, Auroville, Plum Village, Findhorn,
plus numerous others varying from just starting up, to long existing ones. Some have dissolved.

Empty monasteries are often covenient locations for a group creating events/gatherings in the
chapel, using the many chambers and existing kitchen/dining hall. And often there's a well and a
big vegetable garden too, maintained by monks or nuns in days gone by. Sometimes there are
sheds for craftwork too and often there's woodland providing fuel for the woodburners.

Pay attention to the actions you can do now and not too much on waiting until IT feels right.
Our actions now, in each moment, determine the nature of the Event and how it unfolds,
with our Awakening at its roots and shoots, in being, rather than doing, to achieve our goal.

A lot of energy is involved, wasted mostly, when we wait for a future to be JUST RIGHT. It's really
in our now that we should feel JUST RIGHT, see what I mean?

I personally don't believe in a miracle falling from the sky on a clear day, suddenly and unexpectedly.
Look at the way many things are unfolding now, at times in clouds of dust. Much "soft disclosure" is
happening. We're IN IT, DOING IT.

As I perceive it, it's all about working from our inner attitude, that's where I choose to prepare for change
and bring it forth by actions based on that choice. Remember the first line of Genesis in the Bible?
"In the beginning there was the word...." (logos) The word brought forth all forms of creation.

Your word inside is your creative ability, your deepest desire nudging you to live your purpose.
Being alive is part of your purpose, you've made it, to be here. Be in touch with that and intend to manifest
it in your daily life, by the way you are and act, to be in joy and trust.

You are exactly alright and perfect where you're at, It's where your sun shines inside of you, welcoming
you to be at home, to be as you ARE. Feel your for yourself first, it's the fuel for your confidence and wholeness.
That's enough, you don't need to do more. All else flows from there, like the ripples in a pond, where the fish comes
to the surface and stirs it.
Thursday 13 October 2016, 08:11:35
I believe its coming and soon the big dominos will topple so that this will begin. We are IN the shift currently. Luv ur [email protected]
So very much luv to u n urs!!💖💙
Wednesday 18 October 2017, 22:24:42
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