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Please watch this, it's a report of the Sat. Oct. [...]

Tavistock, Devon
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Please watch this, it's a report of the Sat. Oct. 15th 2016 solar activity and the relationship with power-disturbances of electrical systems on planet Earth, plus its triggering of earthquakes.

It has calmed down, on Oct. 15, but in the US there's massive flooding in Carolina. Hurricane Matthew left a trail of destruction.
'Here's the video presenting last weeks solar activity.…
[deleted user]
Wow! Thanks for posting.
Sunday 16 October 2016, 05:05:24
[deleted user]
funny yesterday there was a movie about this what can happen in an electrical crashdown because of solarflares. what a coincidence
Sunday 16 October 2016, 05:35:05
[deleted user]
Yes, Martina, nice isn't it, those synchroniceties. I see this publication by Barack Obama as part of the soft disclosure that is
creeping through cracks and pinholes in our velvet prison walls. I see this letter by the White House as a proper cold shower
over the US population's sleepy heads. Of course the destruction in the US by Hurricane Matthew is also a call to US citizens,
to wake up from a zombie state and begin to see how fragile and vulnerable our living conditions can be at times, hopefully
also to not take it for granted and not continue to sleepwalk through life, later on. I've watched many pictures yesterday
evening late, of that destruction and the flooding. I saw people in fear and courageous rescue workers, animals in trees,
roofs blowing off and traffic or bridges falling in a couple of videos. This morning I woke up with these images in my head,
feeling a bit low. It seemed I kept them with me all night, their impact was strong, apparently.

I'm very comfortable here in the UK, I'm not in danger here and very aware of that comfort. I don't sleepwalk through life,
although I wake up to new truths constantly and at times shaken by them, ha ha....aware of an unfolding and of conditions
that are unpredictable in their outcome, not written in stone. Being in trust with that and remain centered, feeling my own
heart in moments of confusion and being upset, or losing myself a bit in worries over other people's struggle in life.
Do you feel an increase in your ability to be empathic and sense the condition of people around you by sharing their
feelings? I'm very aware of it now, when that happens. It's a good thing of course, for I can discern who's who in this.

I've been a hermit for quite a long time, before my 40th year, not knowing where or how to fit in, but always adapting to it.
I'm not anxious by nature, or afraid of stepping on new territory, even rebellious and with a keen exploring mind. I know
that the/my world won't end in oblivion and that planet Earth will be restored to her original bejewelled state, as the precious
emerald she's meant to be. I love her so very much and she's become a great friend and companion now.

There's a great stirring in the cauldron of life and it's felt as much in the large world out there as in the small world within.
As within, so without. I believe the US has been offered a very stern lesson to learn, if that's picked up by the population.
Let's shake off vibes of doom and gloom, of lethargy. Let's twist and rock and roll..... Enjoy a lovely Sunday, all of you
Sunday 16 October 2016, 09:11:53
[deleted user]
thank you Marian, very nicely said. You know I cannot watch movies like that too before going to sleep, I have the pictures in my mind too then:) It is a gift to be open in your heart and mind, it ´keeps the gift of being able to open yourself that much to be able to heal yourself. There is a special energy today. love to you and everyone out there
Sunday 16 October 2016, 20:29:29
[deleted user]
Yes, fair lady, you're spot on. A very gentle nudge in that package. I find the trigger, these days, leading me into thinking that it's me who's responsible for saving the world. Now mixed with an enthousiasm for a collective purposeful working together, handing out support and spreading words of bliss and support to move on in this soul-body journey. Receiving it in return.

The open heartedness can be a blessing and a curse in the sense that people easily entrust themselves to express their way of being and lifestories. Apart from the empathic "engaging" with dramatic impact of human sorrow shortly before sleeping.
(hence the absence of a telly in my home).

In 2012 I was in a community where a supervisor noticed the ability in me to be with people of all background, engaging.

She came to me and told me about that mix of blessing and curse, where I suddenly became aware of the choice and importance to balance this sort of engaging.

Now I can sense intuitively when to open up and when not, to someone in my company. At times, I can feel a sort of shockwave when our very different energyfields meet, while walking in the Highstreet of a town. Almost like bumping into someone, physically.

I know of and remember my stance of the past, to adapt and adjust, so that people around me were pleased all the time, accepting me and praising me. So that I could feel that I belonged.

"Be of service to others and ignore yourself" that was lesson nr. 1 in our church and my mom practiced it, as a minister's wife.

That was in sync with my strong urge "to do good in this world" as a ToDo list in my pocket, when I descended in a physical babybody. Interesting, how we choose our nest and our parents, isn't it?

I've learned a few things, although I can be a fledgling owl trying my wings, falling from one branch to the other, through the oaktree, bumper-dy-bumper-dy BUMP... auchhh! Welcome Earth!
Monday 17 October 2016, 07:37:49
[deleted user]
haha -marian I know what you are talking about and this very detailed because I was going through the same. It took a very very harsh lesson to finally get that I need to love myself. 10 years later I realized that I became more medial feeling even more what others feel and realizing that this is my course, healing and channeling. As you know in my current Job I am dealing with all kinds of people too and still because I love people, the humanity in them up to the end, death. The important Thing is to find the balance between self protection, empathy and giving. love to you:)
Monday 17 October 2016, 18:04:03
[deleted user]
Yes, very true, Martina fair, it's so good to be able to use my senses, all 13 of them, ha ha....
to use them as discerning devices and choose according to their message, some of them
old, set in their way and used to a once upon a time in the past and some of them new,
as unfolding leaves in spring or as windows opening, to let the fresh air in and the light of day.
Exploring becomes a whole new experience this way
Monday 17 October 2016, 18:13:03
[deleted user]
yes you are right hhaha many trains driving into the railway station at once and you need to filter it haaha
Monday 17 October 2016, 18:15:14
[deleted user]
Yeaah and guess what, it's becoming even more interesting when the Hogwart Express leaves
from platform 9 and 3/4 and us running with our trolleys towards a wall, trusting to go through it
Monday 17 October 2016, 18:30:03
[deleted user]
hahaha yes:) this will become way more interesting in the future I think so too
Monday 17 October 2016, 18:34:39
Everything is closely linked meaning just changing one thing can have a knock-on effect. The reason I say this is our climate changing can cause a domino effect which can lead to earthquakes & Volcanoes, not only can it cause them, it can also determine the size of these disasters. When our climate changes it affects the ice on land, this has a knock-on effect on our sea levels, so if the temperatures rise, our melting glaciers speed up causing sea levels to rise faster, it is calculated that today, glaciers cover around 10% of the Earth”s total land area. During the last ice age, they covered 32% This movement in mass weight is causing different pressures in different areas of the tectonic plates and depending on the speed of these changes will determine the size of the earthquake. If the speed of the change in weights is quick, it will more likely cause one big earthquake with very small ones following, whereas if the change is slow then this will more likely cause smaller earthquakes but more of them, it is the reason for the ring of fire surrounding the Pacific Ocean with it being the largest area of water, with Indian ocean being right next to it, (now I've not looked this up) but I would guess in the middle of these two big Oceans will be the most active in volcanoes, it's like squeezing an orange in your hand and the pressure squeezes the juices out. The University of Durham looked at levels of land uplift and subsidence in the British Isles since the Ice Age. As the ice retreated 20,000 years ago the release of the enormous weight meant the north slowly tilted up while the south sank down. Scotland is still experiencing this "springboard" effect while southern Ireland, Wales, and England continue to sink. The new study shows that land levels could rise by up to 10cm in some areas of Scotland over the next century, offsetting the effects of sea level rise caused by global warming. But in parts of England, where the land is set to sink by up to 5cm over the next century, it could add between 10 to 33 percent on sea level rises. The map is the most accurate projection of land subsidence in the UK ever compiled. The Durham team not only looked a "geophysical" simulations, which predict what will happen to the earth's crust over time but studied sediments in the soil at 80 sites around the country to see how the land has been changing in the past. Prof Ian Shennan, who led the study, said soil sediments showed that sites in the north of the country are still rising. "The action of the Ice Age on our landmass has been like squeezing a sponge which eventually regains its shape. The earth's crust has reacted over thousands of years and is continuing to react.

Thank you
Jonathan Micheal Bardsley
Email> [email protected]
Monday 11 December 2017, 07:52:25
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