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Hello you beautiful freaks ! I usually find myself studying and [...]

New York
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Hello you beautiful freaks !
I usually find myself studying and acquiring a bunch of good information, very useful information, in a wide range of topics; Health, permaculture, aquaponics & on & on.

I am asking one&all for a place to practice those skills and use great information in a practical manner!
I need partners in freedom, to help me practice the skill of growing food. Which is very difficult right now from a 1 bedroom in NY
Robert E B
...there are rumors of an intentional community forming soon here on our ranch in Mexico..grow all year long here...
Monday 17 October 2016, 02:39:00
Rubens A
Sounds good Robert, thanks. For now I'm looking for something more .. local
Tuesday 18 October 2016, 13:39:29
Robert E B
Thats ok..already looks like phase one is over-full...thanks a million James Corbett and Derik Broze
Tuesday 18 October 2016, 14:44:19
Hi, I can help you with growing food. Please contact me, thanks!
Tuesday 10 January 2017, 03:31:02
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