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Hey everyone here is an article I just wrote up [...]

Glendale, Arizona
via Prepare For Change
Hey everyone here is an article I just wrote up that contains a collection of intel and current events that show where we are at the moment. I tried to be as thorough as possible and I tried to get all the good stuff I could find. Check it out if you feel guided. Much love and victory of the light!…
[deleted user]
Thank you very much, Jonathan
Monday 17 October 2016, 17:57:22
[deleted user]
That Mama Cass song is nice, I remember the Mammas and the Pappas clearly, so sweet and innocent in a pure way, compared to what people come up with nowadays, at times. Oooophhh.
Monday 17 October 2016, 18:05:32
Hi Jonathan! I have read your 2 posts and sincerely thank you for your efforts to bring this family the recap of all the information that we have been hearing and experiencing. I also thank you for having the inside to rap it with such positive resolutions. It inspires me to continue fighting! Much Love!
Tuesday 18 October 2016, 02:14:56
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