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I am an advocate of the concept and implementation of [...]

Rocky Ford, Colorado
via The Freedom Cell Network
I am an advocate of the concept and implementation of a Resource Based Economy (RBE) as introduced by Jacque Fresco & Roxanne Meadows through The Venus Project (TVP). I have been using The Transition as the organizational structure… to create a group of like minded people in Colorado. The social structuring that I believe is the most conducive to the ideas I'm in line with are offered by Michael Tellinger, and the UBUNTU Movement so successful now in South Africa. You see a lot of I am, I have, I believe, in this intro and that is the first thing 'I' want to change. Join with me and lets change the ME 2 WE... I live in Rocky Ford Colorado and work in Pinon Co. Peace.
Hi, I live in Monument, CO and just started in this set up to look for like minded friends near me.
Nice to see you're not too far away.
Saturday 22 October 2016, 05:14:39
Frank K
I apologize Dan7716 I have encountered so many like minded groups and people I am just now trying to kind of gather it all together. Have you seen The Transition web site just a ton of info and guidance from a great team of people. Take a look I live in Walsenburg not to far away here is my link to the site… let me know what you think don't let the word recruiter spook you in the hyper link also you can catch me on Facebook
Tuesday 29 November 2016, 05:58:35
Living in Falcon, Co. Would like to get in on any projects.
Tuesday 14 November 2017, 18:46:14
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