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Good morning everybody, I think this is a beautiful and [...]

Tavistock, Devon
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Good morning everybody, I think this is a beautiful and compassionate message, offered by Mary Magdalene, that I love to share with you. Be blessed, Pastinakel.

MARY MAGDALENE: Healing the Wounded Masculine
October 21, 2016 | Author Mercedes Kirkel
Received by Mercedes Kirkel
In a Group Channeling Occasion

Question: I encounter beautiful souls in the Masculine body who have been hurt by the Feminine that has become very Masculine. How do we love and honor these men, to help heal and be ambassadors of your light, your love, and your mission?

Mary Magdalene: Thank you so much for your question. I am so happy to respond to this.
It is by loving them. First and foremost, see them in the beauty of their Masculine. See their Masculine as beautiful. There are many men who have been greatly hurt and are very confused how to be a man, how to bring forth the Masculine, because so many women have expressed that the Masculine has hurt them.

There is so much to sort out in all of this. The Masculine so much needs the Feminine’s love and to be seen as loving the Feminine. Reassure men, and the Masculine in whatever form, that their love is valuable, that you need their love, and that it supports you. When they are doing something that is difficult of painful for you in some way, be very aware of their vulnerability.

The Masculine is quite vulnerable. If there is someone in the Masculine position who is hurting someone in the Feminine position, or who is not vulnerable, it is because they themselves are very hurt, very wounded. It does not mean that what they are doing is alright. It does not give them support for hurting the Feminine. That must be stopped. But use as little force as possible that is still effective. Understand that this is a being who is very hurt and who needs help. It is not natural.

Most children go through a stage where they experiment with hurting each other. This is a natural phase for children to go through in their exploration. But they should be guided wisely by adults through and out of this phase, so that it is not their desire to hurt others. If someone has not received this kind of guidance and has been hurt themselves, especially as a child, then they will need great help to recover from this.

Most people at this time are very confused about the Masculine and Feminine roles, how to incarnate them, and how to relate to each other. It is most likely that this will be moved forward through the Feminine incarnating her strength and her Femininity, and then bringing that strength in the form of love to the Masculine. The Feminine can then empower the Masculine to be their strong, loving self. The Feminine can see this strength in them, even if they can’t see it in themselves, until they become it most fully.

Does this answer your question?

Questioner: Yes. Thank you.

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