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DELOEZ= Decentralize>Localize>Encrypt C4> HOW IT IS STRUCTURED, HOW IT WORKS C4 stands [...]

Santa Rosa, California
via The Freedom Cell Network
DELOEZ= Decentralize>Localize>Encrypt

C4 stands for Combined Crop Collective Community .
C5 stands for Combined Crop Collective Community Concentrations, aka..UPLOT$

UNION CELL (Farm/Garden), is defined as the central or local garden plot of the Local community meeting place or common ground. Local center farm plot unions sell is planted within a given plot of land within a neighborhood or geographical area. each member of UNION CELL Farm sponsors two people more with in the local community residences who planting their garden or UNIT CELL
UNION CELL (Farm/Garden), always numbered Odd #1,3,5 ect.

UNIT CELL (Local private gardens), always numbered Even #2,4,6,, ect. Are defined as the local unit cell begins with 02 ,04, 06 so on is the primary garden cell which coordinates activities with in each local private garden plot .As each residence for enrolls the planting of the their local personal gardens as C4 Collective. Plant to enrolled as now each Unit Cell Member, joins the C4 Collective and has access to all the local networking food benefits, Equipment & Instruction Union (Central Local Collective) Farm there-of.
By establishing a core group of community of local people form smaller gardens at their residences and then show their neighbors how to do the same process. These new union unit cells multiply within each residence and within the neighborhood itself growing crops for food and flowers and things that are supportive to the local environment.
UNIT CELL (Local private gardens), always numbered Even #2,4,6,, ect

C5>UPLOT$> Defined as the legal structure that houses and exercises the following functions>
Legal Paperwork, Legal Fees, Notifications, Communication Network Support,Purchasing,Accounting,Security,Work Schedules,Inventory control and Collective Membership information,Encrypted of course.C5 are always Lettered A, B, C ect.

UP LOTS>UNION CELL or UNIT CELL>CODE Formulation is as such> is defined by it;s code,because be a lot of them numbers>so by the A/1/2468,10,12, 14, A/2/ B/3/2,4,6,8,10...B/5/2,4,6...C/1/2,4,6,8,10.,
D/1/2,4,6, D/3/2,4,6...ect,ect.
UNION CELL (Farm/Garden), are always numbered Odd #1,3,5>>
UNIT CELL >Individual Gardens are always numbered Even #2,4,6,,
UPLOT$ > Central Accounting> must always bee Lettered.
so it will always stay orderly and searchable in economical way via secured C4 network communications.

So, OK my good earth peoples As not to make anything complicated out of it it's a pretty simple mathematical repetition and styled after a Fibonacci fragments growing cycle that forms C4 geometric growing CODE. You know they say in Australia when you green your grow when when your Ripe you Rots.. So let's get grown all those good crops of food and herbs and medicines to see ourselves our families our neighborhoods the nation and all the creatures that survive off of the land.

I do hope this gives you a good beginning understanding of the combined crop collective concentration C4 Project and Campaign. For project and I believe that with your help and good will , sound investment in yourself and other locally first, . As we build organically C4 we will feed our neighbors and the people in our local environment foods and herbs to those who are going hungry, or are in need locally, within our reach. Charity begins in Our Hearts and Lives at Our Homes and Gardens!
I believe that we Collectively, Community by Neighborhood , We pursuing C4 over the course of time this will add to a synergistic solution to formulating more local sources for food and medicines, and organic diversity within reach, so as to keep Us all In a healthy balanced life.
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