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Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
via Art 4 Renaissance
[deleted user]
Wonderful, it's all about joy, playfulness and strength in feeling good anc capable of coping with life. That's what martial arts are to me. I've always felt more drawn to this kind of thing, much less to sitting motionless and sort of.... dwell in celestial realms.

I'm much more connected to my spirit when in physical action, which gives the joy of being alive and healthy. Here is where I am
Wednesday 9 November 2016, 05:49:47
[deleted user]
Thats great!
Friday 11 November 2016, 00:23:30
[deleted user]
Before enlightenment, chop wood. After enlightenment, chop wood
Friday 11 November 2016, 09:21:09
A Poet
pretty powerful video
Tuesday 15 November 2016, 03:44:04
[deleted user]
I so like the playful energy of these guys, dressed in feathery costumes or sweat drops only, falling in cold streams.
That's not survival, really, it's sustaining one's energy, stamina and well being. When it's fun and excersize both. Great!
Tuesday 15 November 2016, 10:37:14
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