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Hello, My wife, Lacy, and I are new to the [...]

Colfax, California
via Ubuntu - United States - Amador County, California - Volcano
Hello, My wife, Lacy, and I are new to the movement and are interested in how you folks have created the foundation of the Ubuntu philosophies in your community. We would like to come and visit and talk about starting a similar group in our area, Colfax, Ca 95713. Thank you so much!
Cheryl S
Hello. We began by attending many of Michael Tellinger's workshops when he has been traveling through the US in the past 2 years. We greatly embraced his philosophy. We then began showing his youtube videos to friends and local members of our community. We also had been in the stages of completing the building of a center on our one acre property which we made into our Meditation, Healing and Educational Center which we call our Volcano Ubuntu Center. it is inspired by Michaels work on the UBUNTU philosophy. We tried last year to operate as an intentional living center but many things occurred (county interference, big fire that took one of our buildings etc) and we decided to just have 3 people here with us who assist us in managing the Volcano Ubuntu Center. It is a growing process. We hold weekly meditation gatherings, weekly Spiritual Movie and Discussion nights, Open Mind Movie and Discussion nights and workshops on many topics. We have 7 green houses, chickens etc. You can check us out on our small website: :///www.volcanoubuntucenter.we….
Thursday 3 March 2016, 15:52:42
Cheryl S
You are more than welcome to set up a time with us to come and visit us, Cliff and Lacy. We are busy with a big weekend workshop featuring Ralph and Marsha Ring this weekend. You are welcome to attend and see us in action, but we wouldn't have a lot of time for one on one with you both. We have plenty of sleeping space for you to stay the night. It is nice to know you are so close! We hope you will be able to develop an Ubuntu Center or Community as well. Namaste. So let us know when a good time will be for you both, kindest regards, Cheryl and Bill
Thursday 3 March 2016, 15:54:45
I am just starting!! I'd love to meet people and start something. Colfax isn't far. I am near Sacramento.
Thursday 3 March 2016, 23:40:38
cliff y
Thank you Cheryl, Bill and Adrien!
Saturday 30 April 2016, 00:33:12
cliff y
Is the week day or weekend a good time to meet with either of you? The first week of May is open for u
s. Thanks, Cliff
Saturday 30 April 2016, 00:35:18
Cheryl S
Hi Cliff, This coming week, I will be home in Volcano on Tuesday the 3rd and Saturday the 7th.
Sunday 1 May 2016, 04:07:49
cliff y
Saturday sounds great. Is this forum the best way to communicate wi
th you or shall I give you my cell phone number?
Monday 2 May 2016, 17:11:16
Cheryl S
Hi Cliff, Saturday should be fine. I don't check this site unless I get an email it may be better to email me directly at [email protected] or call me at home phone: 209-296-4684. What time would you like to come over?
Tuesday 3 May 2016, 19:04:34
Cheryl S
Hello Cliff, Are you and your wife still desiring to come over today? It would be nice to know a time frame of your arrival if you are coming! Our address is 21485 National St. Volcano, CA 95689
Saturday 7 May 2016, 16:06:04
cliff y
Hi Cheryl!
Sunday 8 May 2016, 18:56:33
cliff y
We had a family need that arose last week and the weekend. My mom is elderly and needed some special attention. I am so sorry we missed you this weekend. Our next opportunity is at the end of this month. I will call you shortly to coordinate another day to meet. I am very excited to see how you have set things up in your community. Thanks for sharing your progress with us!
Sunday 8 May 2016, 19:00:55
Hi all! I don't get email notifications so I had no idea anyone responded. I'm free to meet up.
Friday 8 July 2016, 14:19:03
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