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The similarities between heroin and digital heroin exposed! "Overuse of [...]

Powell River, British Columbia
via The Full Circle Project
The similarities between heroin and digital heroin exposed! "Overuse of smartphones alters your brain, decreasing sensitivity of leisure reward centers"… The average time we now spend daily with phones is 5 1/2 hours. Gotcha!
Martha Chamberlain
The phone zombie has officially replaced the TV zombie.
Sunday 6 March 2016, 14:49:41
I threw my smart phone under the bus as soon as I found out that microwaves were so damaging....especially to bees. I can say with absolute authority and confidence that we DO NOT need that technology. I lived for many many years with a land phone. Still do. I absolutely do not need to take the internet with me when I go out of my home. My internet at home is wired and serves me well from there. Very well, a wonderful technology. For the past 42 years It ain't "social" networking, it's really "anti-social" networking that is really out of control now.…
Sunday 6 March 2016, 15:56:45
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