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Want to BREAK FREE from the financial slavery sistem? Where [...]

Amadora, Lisboa
via Geoengineering
Want to BREAK FREE from the financial slavery sistem? Where people cannot follow their passions becouse they are told that they have to work their entire lifes, and consume everythig, and people get so consumed with this idea that even their own concepts is highly inflluencied by this "model". Model that is just a way to do payed slavery (when is proved that a person to make the necessary productivity to the world goes round it's noit even 3 days of work per week), by a sofisticated system, where a elite gets richer and the rest off us, with a false sensation off liberty gets pour. The proff is accessible to everyone with internet, and don't wait for the media to make some noise on this, in 2012, 171 people focus 50% of all the money in the world (not even talking about the "100 top richer people"), in 2015 this number was broght down to 63, a bus of people... This only shows that the entire race is working for someone. Now, instead of just complaining about it, make the change YOU want to see! There is a political party (that does not even support politics, but the only way to flip the system to the people again is by politics) called UBUNTU PARTY, accessible on, that is realy a higher consience movemment, a minds revelution. And I invite all of you to see their plan of action, you will be amezed how easily another way of living could be implemented. THEY ARE ALLREADY RUNNING FOR ELLECTIONS! So the change can be now, and you can make part of it! Invite everybody to get some info on this, and if you like it, contribute!! WWW.UBUNTUPLANET.ORG And now I go, and leave a video explaining this higher conscience movemment and its PLAN OF ACTION, by its founder:… Thank you
[deleted user]
this is verging on spam...
Wednesday 16 March 2016, 03:32:49
Money is an 'it'. 'It's cannot act/create/or be, therefore cannot be the "cause" of anything!!! Note- this guy has made a chunk of change off of this idea...
Wednesday 16 March 2016, 09:19:42
Money does not creat nothing? In our minds money create all sorts of things, even the ilusion that we come to this word to make it, in a lot of people
Wednesday 16 March 2016, 20:23:38
Still not the money, it is the minds, and only after the programming does money gain any 'worth'. PS- "Nothing" can not exist, and no one can create nothing.
Thursday 17 March 2016, 10:17:54
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