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Coming soon. . . Ubuntu Meeting at the Rufus Center. [...]

Flitwick, Central Bedfordshire
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Coming soon. . . Ubuntu Meeting at the Rufus Center. I'm assisting with the set up of an Ubuntu UK charity and am planning to arrange Town Circle meetings as soon as this is completed. Hope to meet you at one of these!
Slingshot 15
Almost forgot to plug the new website - sign up for positive news and to find out what's going on!
Saturday 14 April 2018, 16:43:10
Lee Welch
Great to see. I look forward to hearing more details. We'll add the event to too, now that we can!
Sunday 15 April 2018, 21:10:34
Slingshot 15
Hi Lee, has Gabriel said anything about how the registration is going?
Monday 16 April 2018, 12:53:16
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