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hey beautiful people, I'm after some advice and hope this [...]

Wem, Shropshire
via The Full Circle Project
hey beautiful people, I'm after some advice and hope this is the right place as I'm slowly running out of hope and energy. I awoke to all this about 2 months ago and have been on a journey of learning so far which is leading me to Peru. But in the meantime why I'm still stuck in the UK I'm left feeling very alone and isolated and crazy from everyone else and am starting to struggle, what i want to find most of all is more people like me instead of all the slaves around me
[deleted user]
Hey boe welcome to fcp your no longer alone. im on my phone at mo but ill give you a hand with connecting . There is a north east circle set up but I think it's waiting for someone to bring it up to date as David isn't around.
Friday 27 April 2018, 21:51:41
[deleted user]
North west circle I meant
Friday 27 April 2018, 21:52:27
[deleted user]
Although there is a north east circle that is active. Vic and hardy look after that one
Friday 27 April 2018, 21:53:59
thank you
Saturday 28 April 2018, 10:38:34
[deleted user]
This is the link to the North West circle… it has 20 members at mo, most will probably state inactive. If i was you I would put up a post similar to the above. They will receive an email notification. Than i would private message them (again they will get an email). Than using the connect button above I would contact everyone (from all the networks on here) within a 50 mile radius of me. (that's about an hours journey by car). Than i'd pick a location and time and set up a circle meeting and post the details on the North West circle. Than I'd pm them all again with the details. Than I would pm the 50milers around me with the details. Next I would print off the prepared flyers and stick them around town ......And than I would turn up and see who arrived. If no one does you can go to bed knowing you couldn't have done anything more. but that's just me and I'm a bit ocd at times lol.
Sunday 29 April 2018, 00:00:02
Sunday 29 April 2018, 00:04:07
cheers for the help
Saturday 5 May 2018, 00:10:15
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